information overflow
digital video 600x480px, stereo audio, 2003

we are living in a fast moving world driven by rhythms of technological progresses. this work is orientated on the mass media and their increasing speed of spreading information. i think of the internet, newspapers, television and the music industry. all these are rushing our mind with a daily flood of information, which often we do not even want to get or to have. How many days of our lives are we getting forced to hear or look at things, which we absorb unconsciousness? these information are placed so tricky in our normal ways of life
that it is impossible not to see them. Sure you can say that things you are not interested in you will simply forget but I think you can not eliminate them completely, everything that passes our brain leaves traces somewhere which influence us in certain moments.

video and video concept: andreas linder
music and music concept: georg malfertheiner